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Current Opera - La Nave

La Nave - Teatro Grattacielo opera in Concert October 29, 2012 at Lincoln Center

by Italo Montemezzi
from the play by Gabriele D'Annunzio
Adapted by Tito Ricordi

October 29, 2012, 7 p.m.
Rose Theater, Home of Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York City
Teatro Grattacielo orchestra conducted by

Israel Gursky

The Dessoff Choirs, Chris Shepard, director
I Giullari di Piazza dancers

Marco Gràtico
Robert Brubaker
Tiffany Abban
Sergio Gràtico
Daniel Lee
Orso Faledro
Ashraf Sewailam
Gauro / Pietro Orsèolo
Matthew A. Kreger
Traba, the Monk
Joseph Flaxman
The Master of the Waters
John Tiranno
Simon d’Armario, the Helmsman
Rod Gomez
Lucio Polo, the Pilot / the Exorcist
Damian Savarino
Floca, the Archer
Joshua South
The Master’s Mate
Justin Kness
The Miller/The Survivor
Kurt Dougherty
A Voice
Suzanne Stadler
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